Overload a posted Mar 15, 18

We are proud to announce Project Carbos (Beta Access)

But wait.. What is Project Carbos?

It is a server that we have been working on for several months now
The main feature of this server is that it has pokemon just like pixelmon mod except it does not require mods

Why did you make this if there is already pixelmon?

Because this allows new people to get in to the world of pokemon easily
And it makes the experience accessable to everyone

Project Carbos will be released in ASDCraft network. You are probably wondering why.
There are many reasons but one of the more important ones is that its like putting pineapple on pizza
We want Carbos to be easily distinguishable between pixelmon so keeping it separate from it makes that easier.

If any of you have ever played any of the nintendo pokemon games you will feel right at home in Carbos
The adventure takes place in Kanto map.
You start your journey in Pallet town on a quest to become the very best pokemon trainer out there
Once you have completed your adventure you will have a space in the map for your survival building needs
Currently there is Generation 1 pokemon in Carbos

For the future of this project we will:

Add more generations of pokemon
Add survival gamemode (soon to be released!)
Add additional maps (Hoenn, Johto & more)

Keep in mind this is Beta Access so it might have a few issues

Server IP:
Server version: 1.12.2
Required mods: none

Few sneakpeaks of the content: